Alcohol Unit Calculator

Units of alcohol are used as a way of helping people understand, and control, how much they drink. This site focuses on UK units. Other countries may use different quantities of alcohol per unit. One unit of alcohol is 10 ml of alcohol. One 125 ml glass of wine at 8% Alcohol by Volume (ABV) contains one unit of alcohol. A litre bottle of vodka at 40% contains 40 units of alcohol. To find out ho many units of alcohol are in a drink you need the size of the drink in litres, and the strength of the drink in ABV %. You multiply these and the answer is the number of units.

This simple webpage will calculate how many units of alcohol are in a drink, or what the price per unit is.

Units Calculator

Enter the serving size and the ABV%, but don't enter the l (liter) or % symbols.

Price per Unit Calculator

Recommended Limits

In England we talk about "low risk" drinking, "increased risk" drinking, and "high risk" drinking. Current guidelines for low risk drinking are no more than 2 to 3 units per day for women and 3 to 4 units per day for men; with some days alcohol free; and don't "save up" your units. Increased risk drinking is under 50 units per week, but more than recommended levels (roughly 14 to 21 units per week for women and 21 to 28 units per week for men). High risk drinking is more than 50 units per week. For people with alcoholism a sudden stop in drinking can be dangerous. To get a medically supervised detox a person would be drinking 40 units per day, or 20 units per day if they also have a severe mental health problem as well as the alcoholism.

What does 20 units look like? What does 40 units look like? What does 50 units look like?

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